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The Cure to NY’s Plague

The Cure to NY’s Plague

feeless® | NYC Apartments | No Fee

In the wake of our ever expanding technological boom, countless companies have claimed to be offering the “next & best” or even the “revolutionary” approach to real estate. While very few have actually upheld any of their guarantees, most are merely ambitious smoke in mirrors.

With the likes of these new firms promising a streamlined approach through their in-house CRM or proprietary research and data aggregation, almost all of them are completely missing the point. Aside from perhaps negotiations, real estate is simple. Take the land of residential rentals for example, landlords have apartments and tenants want to rent them. No technology, system or “revolutionary approach” can change the basis of this reality. However, what can be changed is how renters find, view and secure these apartments.

NYC has been plagued with an industry-born virus called a “fee”. A fee is a mandated payment required upfront by prospective renters using a broker. These fees can make a reasonably priced apartment seem like a dream. Many prominent brokerage firms charge tenants around 15% of their annual rent, just to open a door for them. For example, if you’re renting an apartment for $3,000, you would have to pay a broker $5,400 just to move-in. That’s not including any actual rent payments, security deposit or moving expenses!

Brokers are able to skate away with these fat fees due to an unfair leverage called “exclusive agreements”. These agreements bound a landlord to use only 1 brokerage firm to find a tenant for their space, leaving the prospective renter zero choice but to pay the hefty fee in order to secure their dream home (which may be a necessity to put them near their work, study, family, etc.)

These brokers argue that without them, renters never would’ve been able to find, apply or negotiate for the apartment.

Perhaps in the past this argument held more validity, but today that’s just not true.

feeless® is here to bring free information, resources and first class service to New York City.

Every month a new tech company comes out of their incubator stage claiming to have the next solution to real estate. After listening to countless breathless pitches of why their company is the revolutionary solution, many have proven to have little to no impact on the market place as well as little presence to this day.

The guarantee is simple, if you deal with us you’re going to get a no fee apartment.

You may even get a free month and/or a rebate depending on the property 🙂


feeless® | NYC Apartments | No Fee

Introducing the future of real estate transactions in the Big Apple.

feeless is changing the way we rent by offering a plethora of services, catering to renters from all walks of life.

feeless Rebates© are consistently offered to qualified renters, allowing them to save on things such as moving expenses, transportation and furniture, while putting cash in their pockets.

feeless Perks© connect the city by offering deals, discounts and giveaways to New Yorkers’ favorite shops, restuarants, shows, venues and brands!

feeless is a dedicated platform here to help New York rent, from start to finish.

Definition of feeless

being without a fee : yielding no fee : requiring no fee : not receiving fees ; not bringing, paying, or yielding fees.

feeless means no fee

Search NYC apartment rentals on feeless. No fee apartments for rent. Sort by price, neighborhood, bedroom size, amenities and term to find your next home.

Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Bronx

#1 Source for No Fee Apartments

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